Water Meter App

Presenting Problem

A small water company managed by its members was upgrading their meter reading tools and needed a way to share the results with the residents. After manually posting monthly read data to a website for many years, errors were more common than desired. They needed a foolproof way to post raw read data and have it share with residents in a modern interface.


Working closely with the company staff to understand the hardware constraints, we built a single-step upload system for ingesting meter read data. Once that data was successfully uploaded and parsed, we needed a way to present it to users. The data had meaning in many contexts: historical, comparative, and averages. We designed easy to use interfaces that presented complex data in easy to understand charts and tables.

Project highlights

Working with a utility company to implement a new system solution without a break in service was exciting. We enjoyed designing interfaces for both internal and external users, for desktop and mobile use cases. We're proud to say the end result has been operational for a few years without incident.