Tucson Gem & Mineral Society

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Presenting Problem

Tucson Gem & Mineral Society (TGMS), a local non-profit, contacted Openform to rethink the TGMS brand from the ground up. Everyone knows about the Gem Show, but the challenge was educating people about the Society, which is engaged in many different initiatives in the community throughout the year.


Updated identity and messaging was created, building on the principles that have bound the society together over the past 60 years. The following values: explore, discover, and share, are at the core of what drives the society and its educational initiatives in the community of Tucson, Arizona. An accompanying photographic campaign was developed to create a more personal, human perspective. An updated website was also developed, utilizing modern web technologies that easily allowed internal teams to maintain and update content.

Project highlights

This new visual look included commissioned photography showcasing member's profiles. Subjects were photographed in their homes to create a more personal feeling, and to show the variety of demographics that make up the society.