The Navigators

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Modern platforms for an international mission organization

For over 75 years The Navigators have been committed to serving people. Starting as a small group in Southern California, they have since grown to a worldwide service organization doing mission work around the globe.

They exist to support all people, utilizing the Bible and one-on-one mentoring as tools to 'navigate' life. The desire to serve those in need has always been their fundamental goal.

As their staff grew, the brand became increasingly disjointed, having many different department teams within. Each department required a separate visual identity while still clearly being part of the Navigators.


We focused on supporting individual missions within the organization, creating platforms to champion their work and support their business goals.

Working closely with their teams we reviewed and designed for updates to brand voice, event marketing, online presence, registration tools, print materials, and training programs.


The solutions are a series of tools equipping various Navigators missions to engage audiences in relevant and engaging ways through different media, allowing for future customization and internal content management.