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Presenting Problem

TVR Communications is the leader of in-room entertainment and education in hospitals across the country. They consistently pursue new technologies and solutions to improve the patient and staff experience, and improve outcomes. For this project TVR and one of their premier clients asked us to partner with them to create a system for ordering food from the in-room TV or tablet, to streamline food delivery and improve the customer service quality.


After nearly a year discussing strategy and features, we began to design and develop for a highly flexible web-based e-commerce tool. The system caters to the special needs of a hospital cafeteria, allowing the easy creation and organization of menus by day and hour, presenting key nutritional information, and control items available by location. The entire tool is built to be fast and responsive, allowing both administration and patients to view the interface from any device from a small tablet to a large TV.

Project highlights

Designing a flexible menu and cart system for healthcare environments presents many challenges not present outside a hospital. The solution appears simple, yet combines complex data structures to supports a high degree of flexibility for management. We enjoyed crafting a resilient and reliable solution for patients and staff. The final product is in testing and scheduled to deploy in late 2018 or early 2019.

Let us know if you're interesting in this solution for your hospital or other environment.