Patient alert dashboard

Presenting Problem

More complete data can make healthcare more efficient and effective. Physicians benefit when data brings opportunities to their attention that may not otherwise be known. It streamlines the prioritization process to make staff more efficient, enables higher quality, more timely care, and increases revenue.


This simple software tool monitors existing data feeds to prioritize follow-up opportunities using existing HIE data. A web interface helps providers and staff identify moderate and high-risk cases that should be responded to quickly. Contextual and historical information supports the right size picture for providers to understand the important cases. Standard quality measures, chronic condition identifiers, and time-based logic make it possible to raise the flag based on the broadest dataset available.

Project highlights

The app will soon be available for a limited release desktop download. To be sign up for early access or be notified of updates, contact As more clinics and smaller organizations sign up for regional health information exchange access, the need to sift through a new stream of data and find actionable items is growing dramatically. A simple desktop based tool will provide a safe and easy setup for any user.