Pima County PSA Video


Presenting Problem

The Walk Safe Drive Safe campaign was launched by the Pima Association of Governments (PAG) to help increase pedestrian safety in Pima County. Every year, more than 250 pedestrians within Pima County are injured while crossing the street, and over 20 are killed. PAG hopes to lower those numbers by targeting the most common segment of pedestrians involved in these accidents through a modern, relevant video.


We worked in partnership with Evan Grae Davis in the production of this Public Service Announcement. Evan reached out to us to serve as a creative partner on the project. We helped brainstorm and develop a concept, and provide guidance in writing the script.

Project highlights

We’ve worked with Evan in the past, and his work is absolutely fantastic. His approach to telling a story is uncompromising and his skill and experience creating compelling documentary style films is exceptional. So, given this project had a short timeline to develop a story, plan, shoot, edit and launch this campaign, we knew that working with Evan it would be a success.