Patricia Carr Morgan

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Presenting Problem

The artist came to us having recently completed a new and innovative body of work, part of which entailed a significant installation. Artists, like everyone, must “sell” their work and Carr Morgan sought to raise awareness of both her art and the environmental cause it embodied among museum curators and collectors.


We designed an integrated marketing campaign that began with a strategy to position the work in a way that make its environmental message integral to the work’s explication. An addition to the artist’s website, a 7” x 10” exhibit catalog that featured a curated selection of the work, encompassing photography, prints on paper, and multi-media, a direct mail postcard mailing list targeted at curators and gallery directors, and branded stationery for the artist’s communications. For the catalog, we wrote the introductory essay and descriptive legend that follows, and a final short essay that accompanies a depiction of the installation at the Tucson Museum of Art.

Project highlights

Stressing the abstractness of the artist’s oeuvre, which is at heart photo-realism, we designed a full-bleed cover from a snippet of one large format piece and overlaid it with oversized type. The image emphasizes form and texture over composition and induces the mystery all good publication covers require to entice readers. Inside, white space creates a blank pallet for the spare text; deconstructed headlines echo the work’s inherent uncertainty and chaos.