Now or Never

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Presenting Problem

This young retail store was moving to Phoenix to a new location that is both larger and more prominent in the cityscape. They came to us looking for a refresh of their graphic identity that could then be publicized via social media, in-store and on window displays, and with retail packaging as a way to build momentum for their opening.


One of the hardest challenges in design is to improve an existing identity that isn’t so inadequate as to justify starting over, but which is underperforming and in need of an injection of energy. The modifications we made to the existing logo were simultaneously subtle and game-changing, reinvigorating the visual identity without losing followers and customers who had grown familiar with the look.

With the improved visual identity, we designed retail shopping bags. To enhance the tactile quality of the off-the-shelf blank bags, we did a one-color letterpress imprint.

To take advantage of the long stretch of glass storefront at the corner retail location, we designed wrap-around signage that would catch the eye of pedestrians in two directions and be seen by light rail riders passing by on the street.

Project highlights

With the limited budget an independent retailer can offer, we created a distinctive visual identity that affirmed the premium brands offered inside the store. We made clever use of materials and methods to give the sense of luxury goods.