National Ocean Policy Paper

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Presenting Problem

The U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution helps federal agencies and other affected stakeholders address environmental disputes, conflicts, and challenges through its programs and services. Openform was contacted by the Governance Coordinating Committee to design their Ocean Changes Policy Paper and Executive Summary. The paper gives an overview of and makes recommendations to the incoming Administration on the topics of Inclusion of Native Americans in National Ocean Policy processes, coastal transition in the face of sea level rise, ocean acidification, harmful algal blooms and hypoxia, and ocean temperature changes and impacts to fisheries and habitat.


The papers were designed for ease of understanding and visual appeal, and were developed to be accessible to a broad audience of state, tribal, and national level policymakers. Through elegant typography, clarity of communication, and simple graphic detail, it help to effectively convey the key messages and engage the reader.

Project highlights

Inherent in this project was the importance of the role of design and its influence on the decision making process for something as complex and far-reaching as environmental government policy.