Make Way for Books App


Presenting Problem

After the first version of their literacy mobile app proved its usefulness, Make Way for Books was ready to add features and polish. They wanted to take what had learned and implement a more resilient and flexible structure so the application could meet the needs of a growing audience. In the years since it was first launched an application, the organization had grown and their was growing cultural and scientific momentum to use digital tools to improve early childhood literacy. With a generous donor on board to support the effort, it was time to make something truly useful not just for those in Southern Arizona, but anywhere.


Recognizing that we had a decent runway of time, but not endless resources, we began with research and strategy. We clearly articulated the feature set required, the target audience needs, and over-arching themes. We developed a visual system of components that would provide us the flexibility we needed while remaining consistent across experience. Then we iterated, and iterated. We began building and testing and honing the specific niche the application served throughout the process.

Project highlights

After over a year of research, design, development, testing, and refinement, the application was finally ready. Quietly launched, the application is already morphing and expanding. Thankfully the system created is flexible to support change and the team is eager to learn and adapt to best serve their community. We are proud to be part of the effort to improve early childhood literacy. Check out the app in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store now.