Jackie Kain

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Presenting Problem

With many years of varied experience directing creative projects from art installations and performances, to digital mediums and film, Jackie Kain need a place to call home. The breadth of work she contributed to had no central place of reference beyond her memory and the memories of those she worked alongside. It was time to create a portfolio of sorts, a mini biography of accomplishments and stories.


She needed a website to serve as a foundation, and basic of personal collateral to accompany it. Given Jackie's work, it was vital that the design made plenty of room for the content to shine. We began with simple sans-serif type and a strict grid. The color palette is black and white, allowing the content to provide life through color. Given the history of her work, higher quality imagery was not available so we provided a space for visual storytelling. The result is a light and minimalistic website that elevates the narratives of her work, and a single sheet résumé.

Project highlights

Jackie is a wonderful and persistent producer. She knows great when she sees it and relentlessly pursues producing terrific work. It was truly our pleasure to learn from her throughout the process. Hearing her stories, the tales of projects in New York and Los Angeles, of the mad focus for publications, the romanticism of high art curation, the pressures of corralling strong personalities to achieve a common vision. She has a wealth of experience and we were keen to soak up as much as possible.