Coordination Interview App

Presenting Problem

The corrections industry is serving a population with increasing rates of serious mental illness, co-morbitity, and preventable complications. Simple data sharing, contextual case management, and coordination of services have the potential to dramatically transform outcomes for these patients, resulting in lower taxpayer costs and improved public safety.


This system replaces paper-based manual interviewing processes with augmented digital and self-guided structured data collection. A tablet application for interviewers and interviewees to complete a dynamically curated questionnaire speci c to their case and history, provides real-time data to the partners contributing services and the HIE for historical reference after release. Management of interview questions via a web interface will allow teams to configure questions and route data.

Project highlights

This app will soon be available for download. The interest in the project has grown and other users in the healthcare industry are asking for it. We will be releasing an expanded version of the project under our company. For more information or to request early access, contact us