Happy Belly After

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Presenting Problem

Jane Gittings Robert is an accomplished and well-respected designer, photographer, and writer. Working with her husband Fran├žois Robert, she began Happy Belly After, a cookbook project consisting of vegan recipes they created and photographed together.


Closely following the intent of her book, we designed a website that organizes recipes by color, with a strong emphasis on photography. As Happy Belly After is both art and resource, it was imperative that the solution be practical as an e-cookbook. The design is a clean presentation with careful consideration of various screen sizes that can be used while viewing recipes for cooking. The configuring of printing styles was also considered for those who wish to print the recipes.

Project highlights

The resulting design was a successful coordinated effort between a talented team of creative professionals. As a body of work, the Happy Belly After website is an informative and delightful interactive presentation.