Grey St. Onge

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Presenting Problem

A successful pair of real estate executives sought to raise awareness of the characteristic features of their targeted services. They were taking advantage of their brokerage firm’s turnkey direct mail pieces, but did not like the material’s generic format, which did nothing to help them stand out.


As in all projects we undertake, we begin with strategy. Here our first step was to understand the nature of the clients the real estate executives sought to attract, and hone in on the pair’s unique selling proposition, what it was they offered that was different or superior to the realtors with whom they competed. These two components drove the development of design and the copywriting.

We designed a series of A-6 folded pieces, each featuring one succinct message relating an aspect of the unique selling proposition. Contrary to the usual realtor collateral, the pieces did not feature a mixed bag of recently sold properties, but a professionally photographed hero image to evoke the sort of luxury properties they represent. Although heavily focused on branding, each piece contained a strong call to action, ensuring the campaign did double duty.

By creating an aligned series of six pieces with envelopes that echoed the main message inside we could gang print the collateral and save significantly on production costs even while unfurling the mailing over six months.

Project highlights

By focusing each mail piece on only one message, we improved the likelihood that recipients will read and absorb the message. By designing a branded identity and enclosing the mail piece in an envelope printed with a “hook,” we increase the time spent with the piece and build top of mind awareness.