Welcome 200 Campaign

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Presenting Problem

The team at Gospel Rescue Mission was blessed with the donation of a wonderful new location. They needed to tell the world about it and start raising money for necessary repairs so they could move in. Due to city code changes they were operating at a lower than ideal capacity at their Men's Center shelter and wanted to move quickly. They asked us to build a tool to capture campaign donations and tell their story through imagery.


With less than 30 days we designed and delivered a photographic campaign and new website in time for the big launch party. The website was designed, developed, integrated with their payment tools, and deployed in three weeks. A photographic campaign was conceived, captured, processed, and implemented on the website to tell the story of those impacted by their ministry. Their team now has the ability to share project updates, capture donations, and share stories with the world.

Project highlights

The campaign was immediately successful. In four months the effort had raised over $1 million dollars. We're glad to have been part of the effort. Gospel Rescue Mission serves people from all backgrounds in a time of their greatest need. We are happy to see their efforts increase and more people's lives restored.