Global Patient Identifier

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Presenting Problem

We partnered with Global Patient Identifier (GPI) to help bring their proposal/submission into alignment with their annual CHIME competition requirements, setting them on a path to success. CHIME holds a competition to help solve the challenges of the healthcare IT landscape. They provide an interactive, trusted environment to exchange best practices, advocate the effective use of information management to improve the health and healthcare in the communities they serve.


By helping define their key messaging, we created a clear communication package that articulated how their solution would change healthcare. It addressed the core concerns set forth by the CHIME competition. We developed an array of visual devices that engaged branding and a series of videos to help breathe life into the submittal.

Project highlights

While they might not have won, the strategy and designs created helped lead GPI to articulate their core business value to themselves and the world. The future is brighter knowing that companies like GPI will continue to wrestle with how the patient journey can be changed by technology having smart design leading the way.