Educating patients with data-driven experiences.

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Presenting Problem

In a hospital room with sick children, parents have a lot of time to worry about and research what is happening around them. They need information, relevant to the care being given, and the freedom to interact with it as they are able. Patient and family understanding must not be limited to staff schedules and educational abilities. Multi-media, repeat views, proactive messaging, and feedback requests build actionable knowledge.


Working with the amazing family-focused leadership at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, we designed and implemented a comprehensive TV and Tablet experience. Using real-time data from hospital records, education content is automatically matched and routed to patients in their rooms. Families are now able to view videos, read articles, and give feedback aligned to their condition and treatment without any staff workflow change. The result is five-times higher education content consumption.

Project highlights

The result is five-times higher education content consumption. The hospital team is constantly adding new workflows and creating new opportunities to keep families engaged with their care. They are learning all the time and always improving.