Caring Ministries

Caring Ministries

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The community impact of feeding people.

For more than 40 years Caring Ministries has been providing food and clothing to families across Southern Arizona. Despite their efforts and huge distribution footprint, the hunger crisis continues to grow.

Caring Ministries knew they needed to find others in the community to rally with them and help them achieve their mission of providing food and clothing to families across Southern Arizona.

People know about food banks, but often have no understanding of how food is distributed. Through partnerships with schools, churches, and community centers, they use trucks, warehouses, and a lot of manpower to get food into the hands of people that need it most.


After decades of organic growth, the mission had become difficult to explain. We interviewed staff and individuals in the community to clarify their message.

Through research, ideation, and iteration we developed a visual identity system, which is crisp and personable. The imagery is approachable and tells the story of their work and impact. These components became the foundation for a new website.


Combining a new communication strategy, fresh visual identity, and rich imagery, the website elevated their presence and serves as an important tool for education, outreach, and fundraising—a platform for their story to stand out and for people to get involved.