Arizona River Runners & Grand Canyon Whitewater

Presenting Problem

During the pandemic, these sister companies, operating hundreds of Grand Canyon trips every year, needed to automate their manual communication methods as postponements became a part of daily life and the extent of preparation instructions needing to be sent to customers dramatically increased.


We designed and built a real time technology connection between their existing reservation system and Campaign Monitor. The tool takes new reservations and inquiries every few minutes and sends them to the appropriate funnels so customers receive the necessary information at the right time. Because the situation was continually changing, vital to the solution was that it be flexible, during the pandemic and for future years.

Project highlights

Technology isn’t always the solution, but every now and then it plays a part in the analog experience, to keep people safe and improve their experience. The system we created will ensure thousands of people over the coming years have fun and well-planned rafting trips, and able to enjoy the great outdoors without a glitch.