Ansel Adams Event

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Presenting Problem

The Center for Creative Photography is a research collection of fine art photography whose mission includes promoting dialogue and engagement with the community of students, philanthropists, collectors, and enthusiasts—in Tucson and across the globe. With new leadership on its way, strong staff engagement, and enthusiastic support for last year’s event, the Ansel Adams Birthday Event is an opportunity to strengthen the Center’s position and lay the groundwork for future programming.


We developed a concept for the Event, brand positioning that identifies the target constituents, and messaging to enable the event to firmly establish the Center uniquely and favorably. The top level goals to expand the pool of supporters at the bottom of the funnel and strengthen existing supporters’ propensity to donate was very successful. Tactical deliverables to support the strategy included: print invitation, print ad invitation, Photograph Magazine display ad, OnMedia display ad, poster, and email invitation.

Project highlights

The event was very successful. Our efforts we rewarded with record attendance and abundant positive feedback. Donations and membership increased as a result of the event. The system powered by a concise strategy was highly effective and looked beautiful, apropos for an event to celebrate a revered artist.