AFCM Year End Campaign & Annual Report

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Presenting Problem

As a long-term client, AFCM turned to us for help in improving their fundraising effectiveness.

Traditionally, the non-profit relied on two channels for much-needed funds: concert sponsorships and donations with season ticket orders. Various other small donations tended to trickle in throughout the year, as did legacy gifts, both without much predictability.


We proposed testing a new concept—a Year-End Campaign—to coincide with IRS donation deadlines. Applying proven tenets of the fundraising profession, we designed and wrote an Annual Report in order to invite patrons to feel a part of the organization, to which we added several versions of a fundraising letter, sent to patrons based on their past giving history. The first year, donations to the Annual Fund doubled as a result of the new campaign, making it a permanent part of the organization’s fundraising toolbox. The Annual Report serves to increase transparency and trust and operates as a self-evaluation for the managing Board as well as generating donations.

Project highlights

Annual Reports can be dry and uninviting. Here, we kept the bright color palette and deconstructed design we employ in concert programs and ticket brochures, making the publication visually appealing and enticing to read. Consistent with the conversational tone we employ in all materials, the Annual Report became an opportunity to highlight successes that otherwise went unnoticed in a way patrons find relatable.