Stronger together

August 10, 2017
Stephen Yeakley

Over the past twelve months, our team at Openform endeavored on a journey of reflection, inquiry, and self-discovery. In the process of rebranding, we reviewed our values, philosophies, and reconsidered our processes with the hopes of articulating ourselves in a more meaningful way.

Challenged by the transformative nature of growth, we did the hard work of tilling the ground in preparation for a future harvest of work. We looked at who we wanted to become to help guide us. We revisited why we formed our studio, envisioned how our core team fit together and took steps to implement organizational changes. ‘We are stronger together’ continues to be the foundational belief that drives us to produce great work.

Today, Openform works at the intersection of business strategy, the customer journey, and brand development. We believe that design can be a vehicle to change the world. Our team of strategists, designers, artists, marketers, and technologists are all committed to creating considered, meaningful work that brings change. Join us as we use strategy and design to build a better tomorrow!

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