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Video connects you to your consumers like no other medium.

June 12, 2018
Austin Baum

Often we work with companies that have a product or service that can be challenging to describe succinctly or has a value that isn’t readily apparently without context. In these instances words are essential and supportive, but not enough, and while photography can convey a lot it lacks the aspect of time. Video to the rescue.

We see video as that beautiful combination of word, image, and time that creates the most effective of storytelling mediums. Second only to sitting down face-to-face or hearing firsthand accounts, video conveys complex thoughts, actions, histories, and processes very well. But the medium itself is not enough.

Key to video success, much like application development, is upfront strategic planning. A video is only effective if it ladders up to a clear goal. So, start with the goal, the meaning, the purpose. Then write, re-write, tack it up on the wall, re-organize it, and test it until the message is clear, concise, and compelling. With the copy, now design imagery to fit; still images, moving images, static graphics, and motion animations. With a goal, plan, script, and imagery it is time to start production. If you have done the upfront work, then the photographers, videographers, animators, designers, and post-production team can get straight to work with confidence. Without the prep, you are shooting from the hip in production which has the potential to waste a lot of time, cost a lot of money, and deliver an inferior result. Like painting, it is all about prep.

Strategy and design are essential to good video production.

If your company or organization could benefit from a compelling story told in moving pictures to achieve a business goal, let’s talk.

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