Interactive Park Kiosk

A new digital experience for National Park visitors

Touchscreen Interpretive Display

Interactive multi-media education improves learning and reduces barriers. The Park Kiosk combines quality content, photographs, and self-paced learning to augment Ranger-led learning. A modern visual and tactile interface connects to many audiences, specifically those inclined toward consuming bite-sized information from mobile devices.

The education experience of a kiosk allows visitors to interpret acccurate information and stories in the context of what is meaningful in their lives, cultures, and histories.

The Project

The current version was developed in partnership between WNPA, NPS staff at Saguaro National Park, and OpenForm. It is being implemented in Saguaro National Park East as a pilot program this fall. From the information gathered in the pilot the Kiosk will be expanded and made available to other parks and venues.

Future versions may include greater interaction possibilities including video, interactive maps, and 3D modeling, and other information gathering and sharing opporutnities such as forms, online real-time data, and admin interfaces to manage content.

More information

Kiosks are currently in development for other applications such as healthcare and corporate offices.

We’d love to work with you to use the Kiosk in new places. If you are interested in how an interactive display may augment your visitor experience, let's connect.


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