Composite image making

December 10, 2016
Stephen Yeakley

On a recent campaign shoot for the Tucson Gem & Mineral Society (TGMS), we incorporated the persons and faces that make up the society. Our job was to educate Tucson of the ongoing efforts of the TGMS. So we decided to showcase a variety of the demographics that make up the society, bolster awareness of who they are and what they are about. Over the course of two months we captured different images of members in their native environments—their homes.

Lighting setup:
Often times there was limited space available to shoot any elaborate lighting setup. We elected to shoot with a simple one light setup and decided to composite the image together and create the final image.


Background captured on secured tripod:

Selected final image of our subject, right out of camera (with trusted assistant extraordinairé Austin):TGMS-subject

Compositing of the two images with the greater control of lighting in tight quarters, with vignette added in post.TGMS-Final

All elements were cut and pasted, burned and dodged, cinematic color graded, etc. in Photoshop. There are a million ways you could complete the above task but setting out with the end product in mind will determine how successful any composite will be.


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